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Stop wasting valuable time making appointments

Willem and Jesper point to a screen

Save time

Stop interrupting your work to pick up the phone or answer an email.

Satisfied customers

Accessible anytime, anywhere and with the Gacha Planner you prevent double bookings. 

Fully customised

The Gacha Planner is fully tailored to your specific wishes and needs. 

Working undisturbed...

Customers always call just when it is not convenient to answer the phone. And you also want your employees to work undisturbed without having to interrupt their task. How do you let your customers make an appointment with you quickly and easily?


...still be accessible...

With the Gacha Planner, your customers can schedule an appointment online easily, securely and when it suits them, while you continue working undisturbed. You don't have to worry about double bookings: Gacha Planner only shows real-time availability. This way you can also block certain days or moments in a day in the agenda. 


...and even get more work done!

Do you want to work even more efficiently and do more work or help more customers in the same time with the same number of employees? The Gacha Planner ensures optimal planning of people and resources. 

Do you want to know how the Gacha Planner improves your working day?

Request a no-obligation demo and be surprised by all the possibilities.

gacha planner on screen

That's why you choose the online Gacha Planner:

Increase your turnover
Improve your customer experience
Avoid double bookings
Work more efficiently
Accessible 24/7 via any online device

Save costs immediately and start planning efficiently

A good use of people and resources improves the efficiency of your company. Want to know how to plan smartly? Then download the Gacha Planner whitepaper with useful tips for free. 

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