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Our method

Do you want to know what the Gacha Planner adds to your business? Make an appointment for a no-obligation introduction. We are happy to show you the possibilities and listen to your specific wishes and requirements for an online planner or resource management tool. Not sure yet what works best in your situation? We think along and advise you based on our knowledge and experience.


After the appointment we will send you a quote and after approval, we will set up your unique Gacha Planner. Then follows the test phase and delivery of the planner. 

After delivery you remain top of mind with us: we ensure that your security is and remains in order, arrange backups and monitor performance. 


You will get a first impression of the Gacha Planner through our demo on location or via video call.


We make an inventory of your wishes and requirements for the implementation of your Gacha Planner.


Based on the inventory, you will receive a tailor-made offer from us.


After approval, we will set up your Gacha planner as agreed.


In the test phase, we test and you test yourself.


We deliver the Gacha Planner: your customers can now schedule an appointment themselves 24/7.


After delivery, we provide the necessary updates.


In development

Every company is evolving. Do you have new wishes after delivery? Let us know and we will adjust the Gacha planner for you. 

We also continue to develop our Gacha Planner continuously. Our customers are the first to benefit from this. For example, we are working on improving usage reporting. Do you have feedback on the Gacha Planner? Let us know and we'll see how we can improve this. 

Do you also want an affordable custom planner?

Choose Gacha Planner: the planner that thinks along with you

Curious or have any questions?

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