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Gacha Planner –
not just any planner

The Gacha Planner is developed byJaws-IT. Jesper Sørensen and Willem Aalderink join forces within Jaws-IT to develop unique IT solutions for everyday problems. 

Due to the experience they have gained within various companies and organizations - both profit and non-profit - they think strategically and build the right tools.

Save time

Stop interrupting your work to pick up the phone or answer an email.

Satisfied customers

Accessible anytime, anywhere and with the Gacha Planner you prevent double bookings. 

Fully customised

The Gacha Planner is fully tailored to your specific wishes and needs. 

Do you also want an affordable custom planner?

Choose Gacha Planner: the planner that thinks along with you

Curious or have any questions?

gacha planner on screen
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