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Unique online appointment and resource planner

With the Gacha Planner you can easily let your customers book an appointment online via your website. After making the appointment, they receive a confirmation and a reminder by e-mail and SMS. This way they will never forget an appointment again. In the back end you have insight into the bookings made. 

Your Gacha Planner can be completely designed in your house style and takes into account the specific wishes, requirements and resources of your company. Do you want a simple online appointment planner or are you looking for an online tool that helps you use your resources optimally? 

online boeken van afspraak

The Gacha Planner is the right online planning tool for every company and every situation

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Gacha Planner Smart, Brilliant or Genius

There is always an online Gacha planner
that suits your business. 

What do you get? Every Gacha Planner has the following features as standard: 

Handy planning overview
Possibility to block days or half days by default
View or change booking details
Confirmation of the booking to the customer via email and SMS
In your house style
Service & support
Gacha Planner Smart

Let your customers schedule an appointment quickly and securely online via your website: 24/7. 
Including viewing and deleting bookings in the backend.

Costs: from €59 per month and one-off set up costs

Is this the planner you're looking for? Contact us for a demo

Gacha Planner Brilliant

Your customers can easily schedule their appointment online 24/7 via your website. Change or delete in the backend. Easily add bookings in the backend.

Costs: from €74 per month and one-off set up costs

Knowing more? Contact us for a demo

Gacha Planner Genius

More than an online appointment planner: the Genius Gacha Planner is a resource manager. Plan resources efficiently and optimally based on a planning strategy. 
Get suggestions for the optimal use of people and resources and thus create the most efficient working method. The resource manager can be fully integrated with your business process and is fully custom configured. 

Costs: price on request


Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact us for a non-binding introduction.

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iClean Carpolish Naarden

You can easily make an appointment for a professional car polish online. Each customer can put together the package of his or her choice. The iClean car polish specialists do not have to interrupt their work to answer the phone. The available times take into account the presence and expertise of the employees. In this way, the work is planned and carried out as efficiently as possible. Double bookings are a thing of the past.


"The Gacha Planner is a very clear solution. It helps us to keep a real-time overview of the various IClean departments. No double bookings and the customer immediately receives the correct answer."  

Cees Klaassen  (owner)

They preceded you:

Benefits of the Gacha Planner

With the online Gacha Planner you can be reached 24/7 without having to interrupt your work to pick up the phone or answer an email.

You can also be reached by your customers outside of your opening hours to make an appointment. Ideal for last minute bookings.

You no longer have double bookings: the planner is always up to date and only shows the available options.

Less no show. After making an appointment, your customer will receive an email confirmation and a reminder by text message. 

A planner with a unique resource management strategy. 

Do you also want an affordable custom planner?

Choose Gacha Planner: the planner that thinks along with you

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