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Workforce Management

it's not a puzzle with Gacha Planner

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Easily adjust your capacity to the work demand

Good work and personnel planning can be quite a puzzle if the work demand or your capacity supply changes from time to time. For example, because you have to deal with seasonal work or because you work with a flex pool. Gacha Planner optimally deploys people and resources for you.  

What is workforce management?

Your workforce consists of available employees with certain skills and assets. Workforce management is deploying the right employees with the right knowledge and skills and the right assets at the right time. Workforce management ensures efficiency and cost savings. 

Deploy your employees optimally
Make optimal use of your company resources
Look ahead to what you will need in the future and make adjustments well in advance

The best solutions

Gacha Planner helps you on a strategic, tactical and operational level and comes up with solutions that you had not yet thought of! Gacha Planner helps you predict work availability and plan the required capacityt based on your organizational goals,historical data and trends and developments. 

Gacha Planner helps various departments within the organization. such as: Planning, HR, Financial department and Sales. 

Save time and money

Do you have a lot of seasonal work? Is the pool of flex workers shrinking? Do you want to limit overtime costs? Then choose Gacha Planner and benefit from all the benefits: 

Gacha Planner:

set up flexible work schedules
predicts required capacity of people and resources
schedules people and resources efficiently
helps you get a grip on costs
increases employee and customer satisfaction

Do you also want an affordable custom planner?

Choose Gacha Planner: the planner that thinks along with you

Curious or have any questions?

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